The makings of Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection - SING

The makings of Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection - SING



“I went home for this collection. Back to where I grew up in Singapore.

I went way back to my primary school days. The navy pinafore uniform with box pleats that had to be ironed crisp, and the nostalgic bookbinder strap which no kids seem to be using nowadays. You will find some of these elements embedded in the collection.

I revisited the neighborhood where I spent my childhood and adolescence. Those multicolored housing blocks that dot the streets of Singapore were the catalyst of the pixelated dots series this season, set against both day and night settings.

Having lived abroad for 20 years and counting, the cultural diversity that we embrace is what makes Singapore really unique for me. I took reference from the various ethnic wear - Qipao, Baju Kurung, and saree, whilst giving it our own twist.”

- Gin Lee, designer of GINLEE Studio



We usually plan a new collection 6 months in advance. The initial stage starts off with a gathering of inspirations, mood boards and sketching (and we mean A LOT of those). In the meantime, we work with Helen, our guest UK textile designer whom we have known for years, to create a unique print for the collection. This primary stage takes about one and a half month.

In the 3rd month, we conclude our sketches selection and kick off the sampling stage. We begin to source for the right fabric, decide on the right fit, find the right pattern maker and supplier with the right design handwriting... you get the drift. It's the 'make or break' part which decides if a certain style will be produced or not.


The sampling process is the most time consuming part as no detail is spared. Each item takes several rounds of trial and error, if we are lucky maybe thrice, otherwise it can go up to 10 rounds of amendments (which is usually the case for pleated items). Keeping our wearers in mind is integral during this process as we hope that whatever is produced can serve its maximum mileage.

We put ourselves through tough interrogation, probing questions like "Who is the wearer? What occasions can she wear this for? What's the acceptable perceived value? How long can it last for? How easy/ difficult is it to care for?" It is important for us to create something that can last a lifetime, rather something that is trendy yet short-lived. 

After we draw to a close this arduous yet rewarding stage, we finally give birth to our new collection.

Design philosophy

Every our collection is a built up of the label's setting in 2 different countries with vastly diversified cultures, backgrounds and DNA. It is a fusion of Singapore and Israel.

Take for example this collection though inspired by Singapore, the development and campaign shoot actually took place in Israel. This cross-culture reference is embedded in all our collections as a way of documenting our lives and experiences in these places.



Our Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection - SING can be found online and in stores. 


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