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_/\/\/\ake O
To tackle the overconsumption and production in the fashion industry, we have launched the G.O.O.D initiative and _/\/\/\ake In-Shop Experience to control supply and demand and allow on-demand last mile production.
Introducing MAKE O, a circular initiative by GINLEE that aims to transform the unwanted into uniquely re-designed products to keep them off the landfill for as long as possible.

We repair, upcycle and rethink the way we design to extend the lifespan of our existing resources. 
Base bags of a single colour are “coloured on the spot” on-demand, upon order. This allows us to reduce our inventory to one singular SKU, which has been part of main goals to reduce waste since day one of the MAKE project.
The prints are printed with a textile printer from Epson. 

These comes in three sizes: Purse, Pack and Tote size. 

Utility pockets are die-cut with a pre-designed template, salvaged from the offcuts to encourage a 0-Waste design. These can be easily snapped on and off with the 3D printed recycled filament for flexibility of placement. 

The pOcuts come in three templated shapes/usages: a Lanyard, Keyholder and Pocket. 

To go through the full zero-waste experience, the cOts and pOcuts come together as a single experience for the _/\/\/\ake O project. Discover more by booking a slot here

That one tee that you no longer wear, but the sentimental value it holds keeps you from getting rid of it. Repurpose it into something new and useful for daily use – head down to our studio at National Design Centre with your preloved item to create a Tee Bag. 
These are available in two sizes and shapes, affectionally named ‘Onetee’ and 'twOtee'. 
Book the Tee-tO-Bag experience here
Due to the handmade nature of all _/\/\/\ake and _/\/\/\ake O products, slight imperfections may occur during the process. That is, after all, the true beauty of a handcrafted product :)

O Fix It

We appreciate how all bodies are built differently and we want your item to fit you better too. In the scenario you need some simple adjustments or require maintenance, you are definitely welcome to send your garment in to Repair & Refurbish at a fee.

For more information:

National Design Centre #03-05
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm
By appointment only, please email info@ginleestudio.com.

Raffles City #02-08
Opening hours: 10am – 9.30pm
Store WhatsApp: +65 8784 3160

Shop _/\/\/\ake O here.


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