In Her Element: Agnes Lim

In Her Element: Agnes Lim
In Her Element
We are constantly intrigued and inspired by real, everyday women and how they master their craft.
In this series, we take a peek into the daily musings of women from all aspects of life while in their natural element. 


Running a pottery studio in the comfort of her home,
Agnes Lim is an artist, ceramicist and brand creator honed and raised in Singapore. 

While well-acquainted with various ceramic mediums, Agnes focuses her practice on porcelain,
taking in the beauty in its refined elegance and translucent sheen.


"My methodology is to create aesthetically sound art that embodies its natural spirit and tells a story of its own." 


Through her travels and the nature that surrounds us, she seeks inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life. 
Kinstugi, the art or repair, is adopted to give artworks a breath of new life. 


Agnes wears the Pod Top and Liberty Dress

Open to all ages, join Agnes in creating poetry with pottery at her ceramic workshops, whether you're seeking quiet refuge or looking for a closely knit bonding activity. Find our more here


Agnes Lim

Filmed by Kahying Gan

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